December Digest

It’s that time again! Time to update everyone on what we’ve been up to this month. AND it’s the end of the year so perhaps an end of the year recap is in order.

Honestly this month was not nearly as exciting as last month. Since we traveled last month to see John’s family we did not make our usual Christmas trip to San Francisco. Instead we stayed in Seattle and spent Christmas with Alex’s brother’s family and his Kiddos. Santa brought the Kiddos a foosball table! So we had fun playing foosball on Christmas Day. As well as playing board games and eating lots of yummy food. We enjoyed it so much we forgot to document it in pictures. Oops. 😉

We did, however, take pictures of the largest tree we’ve ever had. Our star tree topper wouldn’t even fit on top. But it is such a beautiful tree. And Moxie really loves being under the tree so we moved her bed there.  Christmas cat pics!



Unfortunately both Alex and John were sick this past month so there’s really not much else to recap. But we’re all better now and ready for whatever 2016 brings!

2015: A year in Review
2015 has mostly been all about adoption. We did our home study. We’ve read adoption books and attended adoption seminars. We set up this website, our Facebook page, our Instagram account and even a profile on All our friends and family have us spread the word that we are hoping to adopt. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, sometimes it takes a village to find a child. Thanks to everyone for all your support!


To recap our 2015 you can view previous posts like August Sailing, Swimming with the Kiddos, our fun filled November, fun with hats, our Home Study, our thoughts on Open Adoption and our Dear Birth Mother letter.

Happy New Year!!!

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November Wrap Up

Once again it’s time for our monthly update of what we’ve been up to. So many things! So many birthdays!

First Up: Alex went to Jenny Lawson’s (a.k.a. The Bloggess) book signing. She’s hysterical. And really, really sweet.

Then John and Alex went to an adoption educational seminar where we heard a panel of 5 women tell their stories. These brave and strong women had all placed their babies for adoption and were kind enough to share their emotional stories. This is worthy of a post all its own but we’re still digesting it. We will update with a link here once that post is up. UPDATE: That post is here.

Next Up: Trip to San Francisco to celebrate birthdays in John’s family. We saw his Mom, his brother and Alex’s uncle as well, and we celebrated dual birthdays ON A BOAT. Yup, John’s Dad and Aunt booked a brunch cruise to celebrate their birthdays.

It was exactly like this:

OK, so it was really more like this:

John and his Dad




imageAlex and her Uncle (Not on a boat)

As soon as we returned to Seattle it was time to celebrate Alex’s brother’s birthday. And then later, a belated birthday celebration for Alex’s Mom. [Seriously, what is it with the November birthdays?]


Alex offers her apologies for all the blurry pics. Apparently that’s what happens when she’s not the one taking the pictures. 😉 Stay tuned for the December digest which will surely have lots of cats with Christmas lights.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

John is super excited to become a father (hopefully) soon. He loves playing with kids at their own level. That’s probably what makes him such a great pediatrician.

Unfortunately, once again, the day is a bit difficult for Alex as she lost her father 4 years ago on Father’s Day weekend. Alex and her Dad were very close. She too longs for John to become a father so they can turn this weekend from a sad occasion to a happy one.

We leave you with some pictures of our fathers.


Alex and her dad – Father’s Day 2010


Alex and her dad after he finished a round of chemo – 2006.


John and his dad play banjo and guitar together every Christmas.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Mother’s Day is upon us. As much as we love our mothers it’s a hard day for Alex. Her first pregnancy – twins – would have been due on Mother’s Day so it’s a sad reminder of what could have been. It’s also a reminder that she is not yet a mother.

Presumably it’s a hard day for birth mothers as well. We can only imagine what that must be like. But Alex has a huge heart and is more than willing to one day share Mother’s Day with a birth mother. We are all mothers in our own way.

We leave you with some pictures of our mothers.


John and his Mom at Pike Place Market, Oct 2013


John and his mom at Chihuly Gardens and Glass with the Space Needle in the background.

alex mom

Alex and her Mom at Alex’s graduation from grad school, Dec 2007