mutual friend who introduced us
Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill
mother of one

“I’ve known Alex and John for the better part of seven years. They are two of the most loving, patient, kind, and generous people I know. They’re also incredibly fun. I can only imagine the adventures their future children will have, including traveling the world, learning how to take beautiful pictures, cook amazing meals, throw a baseball, rock out on the electric guitar and just being some of the luckiest kids out there.”




friend, surrogate
Social Worker, OHSU
mother of one

“I’ve watched Alex and John work to build their family for several years now. Their journey has been full of challenges and heartbreak and when I learned that Alex would not be able to carry another pregnancy I knew I had to offer to be a gestational carrier for them because I believe they are going to be fantastic parents and wanted to do whatever I could to help them. I will say, throughout their journey I’ve been so touched by the fact that their driving force is to be parents, not to have biological children, but to care for, nurture, raise, adventure with, teach, and love a child.”



Systems Analyst,
Seattle Genetics
father of three

“Our kids love spending time with Aunt Alex and Uncle John, and are always asking when they are coming over for a visit, or better yet when they can have another “sleep-over at Aunt Alex and Uncle John’s”. They fully engage with the kids and have been able to relate to them from the time they were babies. Alex and John are extraordinarily kind, caring and compassionate people, who deeply love kids and long to share their life with a child of their own. I know they will be excellent parents because of the nurturing, fun, and educational environment I’ve seen them provide for my three over the years.”


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