About Us

Alexandra & John

Together since July 2008

At a friend's wedding

At a friend’s wedding, Sep 2012

When people ask us how we met we like to say, “In a bar.” It’s true, although intentionally misleading. We met through mutual friends at a bar on trivia night. John had just moved to town for his residency in pediatrics at Duke. Alex had recently started a new job at Duke and just bought a house. We were officially dating before the month was out.

We continued to go to trivia night with our friends. John’s erratic schedule and Alex’s caregiving duties prevented us from doing much travel so we contented ourselves with nights out to listen to live music and cooking for friends. John fell in love with barbeque while living in NC and now loves to smoke meat in our backyard.

We enjoy kayaking and whitewater rafting as well as spending time with Alex’s nieces and nephew. We continue to go out occasionally to hear live music. As John’s schedule has loosened up a bit we have tried to take more trips. We look forward to sharing our love of learning, music, cooking and travel with our future child(ren). We value education as well as life experience.

Contact us at alexjohnadopt@gmail.com
Call or text us at 206.383.6471
Or contact our attorney at 206.728.5858 – Ask for Joan – Reference file # 1170


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