November Wrap Up

Once again it’s time for our monthly update of what we’ve been up to. So many things! So many birthdays!

First Up: Alex went to Jenny Lawson’s (a.k.a. The Bloggess) book signing. She’s hysterical. And really, really sweet.

Then John and Alex went to an adoption educational seminar where we heard a panel of 5 women tell their stories. These brave and strong women had all placed their babies for adoption and were kind enough to share their emotional stories. This is worthy of a post all its own but we’re still digesting it. We will update with a link here once that post is up. UPDATE: That post is here.

Next Up: Trip to San Francisco to celebrate birthdays in John’s family. We saw his Mom, his brother and Alex’s uncle as well, and we celebrated dual birthdays ON A BOAT. Yup, John’s Dad and Aunt booked a brunch cruise to celebrate their birthdays.

It was exactly like this:

OK, so it was really more like this:

John and his Dad




imageAlex and her Uncle (Not on a boat)

As soon as we returned to Seattle it was time to celebrate Alex’s brother’s birthday. And then later, a belated birthday celebration for Alex’s Mom. [Seriously, what is it with the November birthdays?]


Alex offers her apologies for all the blurry pics. Apparently that’s what happens when she’s not the one taking the pictures. 😉 Stay tuned for the December digest which will surely have lots of cats with Christmas lights.


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