Home Visit

Our social worker came to our house today to ensure that we can provide adequate and non-dangerous shelter for our future child. We passed. šŸ˜‰ In just a few short weeks we will be officially and legally approved to adopt.

One question she asked us was, “What do you think is the most challenging part of parenting?”

We looked at each other slightly bewildered. Where to begin?

Apparently most people answer “Sleep deprivation.” That seems rather short-sighted to us. We take the long view of things. Yes, we intend to adopt an infant and sleep deprivation will surely be a challenge. But that infant will grow to be a toddler and require potty-training. A wholly different challenge from what I hear. And eventually that child will become a teenager who wants to drive a car. Yikes! And even once s/he turns 18 and beyond, we will, of course, still worry. Parenthood is filled with challenges and they change year to year or even day to day. Out of 18+ years we couldn’t pick any single thing that will be most challenging.

Except perhaps the worry. Learning to live with the fact that we will worry over this child for the rest of our lives. Learning when to hold on tight and when to let go. That might be quite a challenge indeed.


5 thoughts on “Home Visit

  1. I think my answer would just be the general unknown – you’ve never done this before! Every single minute is something new and unknown as a first time parent.


    • Yeah, we mentioned that too. There was also the question of what would we do if our child became very sick or developed a disability. Well, we’d deal with it, of course. You get what you get, biology or no. It’s a child, not a pet.

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